[Icecast-dev] metadata fallback mounts

paranoid paranoid at dds.nl
Wed Jan 4 12:24:54 PST 2006

Hi all,

First of all thanks again for icecast2. It keeps surprising me how easy 
and stable it is to use!

I'm working with icecast2 from SVN now (revision 10692) and it's mount 
point features. I've created the top mount point '/play.ogg' so we have 
only one main mount point for users to tune into.

Now this /play.ogg has the fallback /live.ogg and /live.ogg has the 
fallback /playlist.ogg. In the config file I added metadata for the 
/play.ogg mount point that looks like this:

     <stream-name>Beathead Broadcasts</stream-name>
     <stream-description>Homebrew Broadcasts for Hip Beatheads</stream-description>

Unfortunately, when I look at the /play.ogg metadata in status.xsl, it is 
al empty.

Do I use the wrong metadata tags in the config or is this normal behaviour 
for a non-connected mount which only serves as main entry mount point?

Thanks for reading and any reaction that may follow.

Frank Keijzers

"As long as people are willing to accept rubbish,
it will be economically advantageous to supply it"

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