[Icecast-dev] Authentication

mtyler at grandecom.net mtyler at grandecom.net
Mon Feb 27 23:31:25 PST 2006


I'm working with the authentication setup in Icecast 2.3.1. I have authorizing
live streams down, but I'm having issues with static files that I want to also

I attempted creating a specific mount with typical auth configuration for
add/remove listener. Do I need the add/remove mount options. Can I specify a
general mount point for a directory and then add mounts via add_mount directive
will retaining the ability to auth the users? Or should I create a direct mount
(including full path) to static file with maybe an alias?

Also, It might be me not setup correctly, but should I be able to pass user/pass
info along with call to mount point in a form or link to authenticate a user
without having a password prompt show up? I want my users to log into my site
for static downloads but once they are logged in, they shouldn't be prompted
for a password. But, if they try to download direct without authenticating,
they then should be required to auth. Can I do this?

If I attempt to specify http://user:pass@localhost/secure.ogg.m3u it prompt that
I'm attempting to connect to a site that doesn't require logging in. I believe
this doesn't show via form submission on <a href>...?

Haven't tried, but what happens when I have 2 mounts with the same alias? So if
I wanted to have localhost:8000/stream/directory/directory/file use
add_listener directive to 8000action.php and
localhost:8001/stream/directory/directory/file use add_listener direct to
8001action.php both with an alias of /file.ogg but on 8000 and 8001. Does this
need to happen on two instances of icecast running simutaniously or can I do
this on one?

One last thing :)
Can I pass extra variables besides the user/pass? Like
or in a FORM with a GET method to pass custom variables for further user

Any thoughts, references, or suggestions would be great.

Thanks for reading this far, :)

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