[Icecast-dev] Ices host hangup with icecast2.2kh9 on server host

Iceuse - Kris iceuse at wwlang.net
Sat Jul 9 01:02:55 PDT 2005


I have the following config;
4 ices hosts, ices-kh60

2 are streaming to icecast2.1kh5 server.
2 are streaming to icecast2.2kh9 server.

The 2 hosts streaming to icecast2.2kh9 are crashing (machine crash...) 
twice a week.

I was thinking of hardware problem, but it think it's not the case.
To feed ices, I use:

rawrec | ices

Which I found very sensitive and may cause machine handup if any trouble.
Is it possible that under certain circumstances, icecast2.2kh9 is 
blocking something, causing ices freeze, then rawrec crashing the 
machine while trying to do access sound card without being able to send 
audio to ices ?

This is the only reasonnable explanation to the problem I found.

What other solution may I use to read sound card input rather than using 
rawrec ?

I saw in icecast2.2kh12e that there is some socket changes. Can this may 
correct the above problem?
(I will take several days to test for me)

Best regards,

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