[Icecast-dev] metadata with link to picture content to ogg/vorbis stream?

Nagy Gergely - Kék Duna Rádió nagyger at kekduna.hu
Tue Jan 11 01:51:43 PST 2005

Hello All!

Is is possible to create metadata with a link to actual picture content 
(like APIC in ID3v2) for an ogg/vorbis stream inline?
Like this example metadata string:
Artist1 - Songtitle1 - Radiostation1 
So that the picture info grabber plugins for winamp or xmms could show 
the cd cover picture for the actually played song or the ad image for 
the played commercial...
Our system:
song info text from bradcast system -> titlefile.txt -> WA linein ripper 
plugin with special titlefile.txt reading option -> audio and metadata 
string sent to oddcast V3 to create ogg/vorbis audio stream -> icecast2 
-> listener :) of course

Best regards,
Gergely Nagy


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