[Icecast-dev] ezstream Playlist Randomization

Joshua Lynn Pilkington joshuap at joshuapilkington.com
Tue Jan 4 17:42:58 PST 2005

I have implemented playlist randomization into ezstream v0.1.2 for 
Linux.  I am currently using a PII 266mhz for a server, so I wanted 
something that wouldn't have to reencode the audio as it is streamed and 
be able to play a playlist randomly.  It uses STL Vectors to store each 
playlist and then randomly deletes the song from the list after it is 
played (this is to make sure the same song isn't played twice).  For 
each loop, the randomization is different.  I also added/fixed several 
other things (one was a bug that wouldn't read the playlist properly, 
causing the program to complain that all the files in the playlist 
didn't exist, but actually did).  You can also specify whether to loop 
the playlist.  Unfortunately, the ID3 Tag bug has not been fixed as of 
yet.  I don't intend on this being an "official" release, but if you are 
interested, I can post the source code.

I have not tested this program on any huge playlists (one's having 
thousands or even millions of songs), so I have no idea how efficient 
this is.  I left the program running overnight, and so far, so good.

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