[Icecast-dev] can't access admin webpages with N-1 listeners active

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Sat Dec 31 05:08:52 PST 2005

sci-fi at hush.ai wrote:
> Hi,
> Stumbled into a problem with icecast-2.3.1 (a recent
> daily svn snapshot).
> We have 6 spec'd in the xml for the (one and only)
> mountpt's <mount/max-listeners>.  The <limit/clients>
> near the top of the xml is also set to 6 (as seen on the
> sample xml dists).
> When we get up to N-1 listeners, we cannot access the
> admin webpages from localhost or anywhere-else-host.

the <clients> setting is there to limit the number of clients, whatever 
they are, it's not meant as a limiter for listeners (that's the role of 
<max-listeners) but I am wondering whether admin requests could avoid 
the check especially if say SSL sockets are used.

> Icecast2 seems to have no provisions for "reserved IP
> addys" such as there is for sc_serv; I always make
> sc_serv read a file with in it "just in cases
> like this".
> Y'all dig?  :)  Might there be a fix for this somehow,
> please?  Should we set a higher <limit/clients> at the
> top of the xml?  (Changing that would require a kill,
> too, wouldn't it)

a HUP will be sufficient for that change to take effect.


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