[Icecast-dev] problems with directory listing

Christoph Zimmermann christoph at bigbeat.ch
Mon Oct 18 12:22:13 PDT 2004

hello together

i'm setting up a icecast2 server for our online radio with hi and lo bandwith streams. 

now i have some problems with directory listing. i found some other mails on this list with similar problems without answers hwo are usefull for me. 

i don't get any errors or something else about yp directory touches in my logfiles (loglevel is set to 4, debug). so i don't know what my server tries or where he fails.
but my server isn't listet on xiph.org or oddcast

i don't have a proxy or something else.

does anyone have similar problems?

my second question:
where can i find the correct url for the yp directory for the shoutcast network. or is it impossible to list a icecast2 server on the shoutcast site?

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