[icecast-dev] Client auth with mysql

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Wed May 12 10:24:14 PDT 2004


I have a customer (a small french music producer) who's putting up a "paid"
radio, it's not really paid, because you don't buy an access, you just by a
cd, and you get radio access.
So, I needed to check access to the radio, in an intelligent manner :-)
A collegue of mine started doing things, he ended up with scripts adding ip's
to the server's firewall...

I though better of it and I told myself that it should not be that difficult
to add mysql support in icecast (no, no, don't run, please).

So, that's what I did :-)

it adds some config params to a <mount> section :

<sql_query>select cle from client where radio = 1 and cle = '%s'</sql_query>

which are passed to the source it correspond to.

and when you call a source say, /foo.mp3?url-field=something
It'll put the something in the sql query.

It should be connection loss tolerant, but I'm not sure about it :-)

For those wanting to try it, you'll have to have mysql/mysql.h in your
include path, and to add -llibmysqlclient -Lpath to have it compile :-)
If I had known a bit of autoconf & Co, I'd have added a --with-mysql with
proper #ifdef things to comment out my mess, but I don't, if you have a hint
on that, I'll happily do it :-)

ps: all and every comment welcome ;-)

Mathieu Arnold
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