[icecast-dev] Ices on OS X

Lee Azzarello lee at fallingforward.net
Sun May 2 23:14:05 PDT 2004

So this is just an update of what I've been doing lately. I don't post 
to this list much but I'm on IRC a lot. So hi everyone...

I had this idea that a live input module for ices on OS X would be a 
good thing. I started to look into the CoreAudio API but then I 
discovered that JACK can theoretically run on OS X. JACK is cool and 
Karl's most recent source has an input module for it. After lots of 
pulling teeth, I got JACK compiled on OS X, I then got Ices-58-kh 
compiled against that version of JACK. So this is all good...

But the performance is horrible. Ices complains that the ringbuffer is 
full when any user interface operation happens. There's also no 
functional GUI for making connections. The upside is that I have become 
more familiar with the CoreAudio API so it may still be worth while to 
keep working on this driver even though it seems there are many people 
working on getting good JACK support on OS X.


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