[icecast-dev] status.xsl url bug

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Mar 23 16:04:17 PST 2004

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 10:40, Dave St John wrote:
> > Thanks for the bugfix, I've committed this without the target="_blank"
> > bit
> Thanks.
> After testing the usage of .pls instead of .m3u, couldnt get it to work
> any ideas on a workaround?, m3u likes xmms but on winxp windows media likes
> m3u and battles winamp
> for ownership (typical windows).
> Is this (.m3u) an internal mime type for icecast2?

.m3u is treated somewhat specially in icecast2. Here's what icecast2 does 
(this ignores aliases, and stats/admin)

First, if fileserving is turned on, and the file exists, that gets served by 
the fileserving code. So if you have a .pls file that you're trying to serve, 
this will be handled here.

Then, if the url ends with ".m3u", icecast will look for a source stream with 
the same URL but with the ".m3u" stripped off. If it finds it, it'll 
dynamically create an m3u file pointing at this stream. If it doesn't and 
file serving is turned on, it'll try and serve an m3u file pointing at the 
file (if it exists) - but I think this last bit doesn't work correctly at the 

THEN, it looks for normal sources.

However, in the normal case of just file-serving an m3u file, this is exactly 
the same as file-serving a pls file. The mime-types icecast uses for 
file-serving come from a mime.types file. On unix systems, it looks for 
/etc/mime.types. On windows, it looks for a mime.types file in the same 
directory as icecast - I think this is supplied with the win32 binaries.

There's also a fallback for when the mime.types file is missing or doesn't 
have appropriate mappings for: ogg, mp3, html, txt.


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