[icecast-dev] Patches - Was: Stream metadata settings

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Mon Jan 12 17:32:48 PST 2004

On Tuesday 02 December 2003 20:43, Melanie wrote:
> Hi,
> I've split it into three patches now and also made it fit to current CVS,
> with, I believe, Karl's changes for the double free bug.
> Order for the patches is:
> icecast-multilevel-fallback.patch
> icecast-timewindow.patch
> icecast-yp-override.patch
> As for docs: How? What format? Any specific layout?
> Melanie


Since we've now (finally!) got 2.0 out the door, I'm now coming back to these 
patches - hoping to actually get the functionality incorporated.

I've got a few questions, though:
        1) Documentation: did you ever manage to write any? The options you added are 
fairly straightforward for the most part, so this shouldn't be too hard.
        2) The 'no-mount' option: why? Does this have any effect at all that isn't 
handled by setting max-listeners to zero? 
        3) In the multilevel fallbacks patch, you've added a comment saying         
"Likely safe to do since there can only be one thread, ever", along with some 
static local variables, in the source_find_mount() function. I'm not sure why 
you said this, it's clearly incorrect: the source_* functions are called from 
many different threads, and this is clearly not safe. This is easily fixed, 
though, by passing the neccesary variables recursively, and splitting the 
function into two.
I'll probably have more questions once I read the other two patches in detail.

Thanks again for your contributions,


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