[icecast-dev] No source buffering

Ricardo Galli gallir at uib.es
Thu Feb 19 17:10:22 PST 2004

On Friday 20 February 2004 01:50, Michael Smith shaped the electrons to 
> > |No, if you search old archives (almost two years ago,
> > |http://breu.bulma.net/?l2480) you will see I've sent patches for
> > | server buffering (fast start) and other things that were never
> > | included.
> > |
> > |You can check the difference with http://mcrg.uib.es:8000/live.ogg
> > | which run my code realiable for more than a year now.
> > |
> > |The server also had a remote DoS bug, I sent the patch also and it
> >
> > was not
> >
> > |included, I did not receive any answer neither, so I just stopped.
> >
> > It's not a good news. I think that devs should be expected to merge
> > interesting and documented patches quickly.
> We do.
> The vast majority of the patches people send in are a) of poor quality,
> b) introduce new bugs, c) are undocumented.

Not to flame again, but nobody told me my patches felt in one of those 

> I don't recall any usable patch from Ricardo Galli being sent in. If he

Check the archives, you asked me to send them twice, the last time one 
year later. I did it and one of you didn't agree with faststart 
buffering, and I did as you recommended:


If I remember I tried thre times and the code is working perfectly. A

> wants to send such a patch, we're happy to integrate them. I don't
> remember the DoS bug - that might be a real problem. It could be that a

It started out with this:


and I found the problem and sent the patch:


Sometime later it was not included yet, I didn't check last versions, 
specially after big changes in the code.

BTW, please check this memory leak also, i'm not sure if it was included:

> patch got lost somewhere. The "fast start" stuff is under development -
> we're taking a different approach that works better and is more
> reliable that the proposed patches previously submitted.

I would say you could habe been using my code meanwhile  :-) (it works 
very nice, including flow control for "connection recovery" :-)


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