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Mihai RUSU dizzy at roedu.net
Wed Feb 11 08:21:04 PST 2004

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I have started to add bandwidth <limit> option to icecast. My ideea is to 
compute the current bandwidth by estimation on each sock_write*() call. 
Something like this:

1. initially we set kbps = 0, kbps_time = now and kbps_bytes = 0
2. after some time, a sock_write*() function is called which in turn calls 
sock_kbps_update(nobytes); sock_kbps_update fetches current timestamp, 
adds nobytes to kbps_bytes then:
2.1 if the time difference between now and kbps_time is smaller than 
ESTIMATION_INTERVAL (which I think a value of 5 seconds should do) then we 
go back to 2
2.2 if the time difference is greater or equal to ESTIMATION_INTERVAL then 
we recompute the current kbps by this formula, 
kbps = (int)(((double)kbps_bytes / (now - kbps_time)) * 8 / 1000)
then we store kbps_time = now and reset kbps_bytes = 0 . then go back to 2

I think this is a good solution because all socket writes are done with 
sock_write*() so we catch them all this way. Problem is that I think I 
need a mutex on this values (kbps, kbps_time, kbps_bytes) and it seems 
sock.c didnt use any yet. Whould it be a problem to use one ? (and include 
thread/thread.h ?)

Any other sugestions welcomed. Thanks!

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