[icecast-dev] Bug in ices, playlist mode (ices kh47, libshout kh22)

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Mon Nov 24 17:24:07 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 21:58, iceuse at kezako.net wrote:
> Hello,
> I changed my config for ices and added passthru.              

Well that will reduce CPU a lot, as the ogg streams are only rebuilt, no
re-encoding is going on.
> I will see how it will run now.
> I have realtime I think: 

realtime needs privileges to be enabled, and as the log shows the
setting has been enabled.

> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] INFO ices-core/main Streamer version IceS 2.0-kh47
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] INFO ices-core/main libshout version 2.0-kh22
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] INFO ices-core/main realtime scheduling has been enabled
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] DBUG stream/start_runners starting runner
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] INFO stream/ices_runner Runner 1 ready
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] INFO playlist-builtin/playlist_init_module Initialise playlist module
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] DBUG input/initialise_input_modules Module 1 (playlist) has 200 buffers
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] DBUG input/open_next_input_module checking module 1
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] INFO playlist-builtin/playlist_open_module open playlist module
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] DBUG playlist-builtin/playlist_open_module initialised module
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] INFO playlist-basic/playlist_basic_get_next_filename Loading playlist from file "/usr/radio/etc/playlist_rbg.txt"
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] DBUG playlist-basic/shuffle Playlist has been shuffled
> [2003-11-24  22:54:25] INFO playlist-builtin/find_next_entry Currently playing "/usr/radio/share/ices//Dibenn-8-Planedenn.ogg"
> I'll keep you informed if any problem    

I have a fix for the problem you came across, and it's a problem when
it's trying to recovery for a bad outage probably caused by a CPU
stall.  The fix is in kh48 although I'm sorting something else out at
the moment.  realtime will help avoid that state in the first place.


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