[icecast-dev] Fwd: More fallback handling

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Nov 4 19:00:57 PST 2003

Here's a patch to greatly expand what the mountpoint fallbacks do, that was 
sent to team at icecast.org

I'd be interested in what people think of this new functionality - which bits 
of it are important, which aren't, what others people would like to have with 
this, etc.


<strong>attached mail follows:</strong><hr noshade>


  this is a rather largish patch, it also incorporates the double-free 
bugfix I sent earlier.

This patch allows commands to be specified that will run on the server when 
a source connects or disconnects. It also makes the fallback-source 
mechanism work in a sensible way.

Rationale: An internet radio station has many different broadcasters, who 
take turns presenting their program. Whenever a client listens in while the 
source disconnects, the client needs to restart to continue listening to 
the broadcast.
Fallback-source already covered this case, even tough it was buggy, it DID 
work. Now, what about the next broadcaster coming online? Everybody shifted 
to the fallback would remain there. Furthermore, while the fallback is 
active, but not the main stream, new connections would be refused with a 
404 error.

Points addressed:
* Bugfix in fallback handling, it now works as intended
* New parameter fallback-override, when set, the main source will steal 
it's fallback's clients upon connecting
* When a fallback is available and the main source for a mount is out, 
clients will be accepted and transparently redirected to the fallback 
* New parameters connect-cmd and disconnect-cmd accept a shell command line 
to run commands on the server as sources connect or disconnect


When none of the new options are used: None
With the new options: as described

Side effects: None known

Patch against: CVS from 2003-11-02

I hope this helps and gets accepted, I believe it's a tremendous usability 



PS: Sorry, forgot to attach the patch the first time around

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