[icecast-dev] Icecast User Login Question

AMY E. BEAM beamae at email.uc.edu
Mon Nov 3 11:46:55 PST 2003


I have stumbled upon your email address in my search for 
finding an answer to a problem I'm looking into for school. 

I attend the Univ. of Cincinnati and am working on my Senior 
Design Capstone project. I am working with a local 
independent radio station, WOXY, which is interested in 
updating its streaming radio to Icecast. I have taken this 
project under my wing and have tried to determine if it's 

My question is that WOXY would like to have a subscription 
service to their Icecast server so that they could stream 
more then 56Kb to their users. However I have been unable to 
find any documentation for Icecast 2 that says they have user 
login capability. I see that Icecast 1 does use a flat text 
file for general user login. Do you know if Icecast 2 is 
planning anything like this? Do you have any suggestions as 
to where I can find out this information?

I really appreciate your help and look forward to your answer!

Thank you very much!

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