[icecast-dev] winamp + application/ogg = doh

Štìpán Brož peacef at wo.cz
Thu Mar 13 12:14:11 PST 2003

Hello Kendal,

Thursday, March 13, 2003, 8:06:44 PM, you wrote:

> I am trying to pass an ogg stream through icecast and then from icecast 
> through to winamp.

> I pass the ogg stream to icecast with the Content-Type = "application/x-ogg"

> however icecast serves the audio out with Content-Type = "application/ogg"

> unfortunately winamp seems to only accepts "application/x-ogg"

> am i missing something, or what's a guy to do?

The MIME type of ogg streams has changed recently. "Application/ogg" is
correct. Icecast accepts and serves only "application/ogg" now, but winamp
seems to be receiving both (I haven't had any problems with winamp 2.81 yet).
If you use winamp as the source client with some (possibly oddsock's)
plug-in, you have to change it by hand or send a request to the
author of the plug-in.
I've already sent an e-mail to oddsock about that, but I haven't
received any reply yet. I had to change the MIME type in the
streamTranscoder's source by hand (that was pretty easy).

Stepan Broz, aka peacef, aka Kato

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