[icecast-dev] Call for testing: libshout 2.0 beta 1

Arc arc at indymedia.org
Thu Jun 19 08:42:38 PDT 2003

On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 11:03:29AM -0400, Brendan Cully wrote:
> On Thursday, 19 June 2003 at 02:17, Arc wrote:
> > On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 09:20:23PM -0400, Brendan Cully wrote:
> > > Libshout 2.0, the icecast 2 compatible streaming library, is now in
> > 
> > did you resolve the return value issue that was addressed before?
> what return value issue?

To quote yourself:

I think libshout 2 is complete and stable enough for a beta
release. But I have one change I'd like to make: right now all the
public error codes are positive, but I'd like to make them negative
(so the unix tradition of if (shout_x < 0) uhoh(); works). This breaks
binary compatibility of course, which is why I want to do it now. Any

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