[icecast-dev] OT: compiling oddcast DSP

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Sun Jul 6 20:27:10 PDT 2003

At 05:52 PM 7/5/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>There's a rather serious problem with the Oddcast DSP for Winamp, when you
>stream in vorbis format over icecast2, it drops ~ 1/2 sec of near the
>beginning of every song except the first.  I tracked this down, it turns
>out oddcast drops the last vorbis page of every stream.  (The DSP doesn't
>receive the new metadata until after the song has been playing for a
>second or two, which is why its missing at the beginning of every song,
>not the end.)  I posted a one line fix for this, but Oddsock said he
>didn't have time to look into it.
>So I've been trying to compile the oddcast DSP myself.  I got it to
>compile, but it throws an assertion failure in what I think is a winamp
>file.  Has anyone managed to compile it?  I'd really like to have a
>working version of it.
couple things :

1. I completely forgot to implement your fix, and my apologies for that, 
but I've updated the oddcastv2 code now and updated the wa2 plugin with 
this new code, so please try 
http://www.oddsock.org/tools/oddcastv2_wa2/oddcast_dsp_wa2_v2.0.5.exe and 
see if this fixes your issue... note that this is the wa2 version of oddcastv2
2. what version are you trying to compile ? wa2 ? wa3 ? The wa3 plugin code 
has not been maintained mainly due to the crappiness of wa3 and their 
incompatability between SDK releases, and the fact that Nullsoft is 
discontinuing it...the fact that you are getting assertion errors makes me 
think that you are trying to use the wa3 sdk (wa2 sdk didn't do 
assertions), in which case I'd recommend NOT using wa3. Also, I'd recommend 
that you make sure your using the most current CVS here 
http://cvs.casterclub.com/horde/chora/cvs.php?rt=CVS.ODDSOCK.ORG . You'll 
want the oddcastv2_wa2_xmms module.


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