[icecast-dev] shoutcast to icecast2 issues

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed Jul 2 21:57:21 PDT 2003

On Thursday 03 July 2003 11:44, mark burdett wrote:
> btw i just noticed that the icecast2 relay sounds fine in whamb (mac os
> x mp3/ogg client).  so it does seem that some clients don't have the
> problem.  here's the relay configs we're using:
> <relay>
>          <server>server.to.be.relayed</server>
>          <port>8000</port>
>          <mount>/</mount>
>          <local-mount>/whatever.mp3</local-mount>
>          <relay-shoutcast-metadata>1</relay-shoutcast-metadata>
> </relay>


Does whamb support shoutcast-style (which icecast also uses) mp3 metadata? 
If it doesn't, then that would suggest that the bug is in the mp3+metadata 
_sending_ code (which is definately better tested than the metadata-relaying 
code, which is why I didn't suspect it at first), not in the reading code.


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