[icecast-dev] libshout API change needed?

Brendan Cully brendan at xiph.org
Wed Jul 2 18:59:22 PDT 2003

On Thursday, 03 July 2003 at 11:47, Michael Smith wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 July 2003 08:33, Brendan Cully wrote:
> > (I think this may have come up before and then gotten dropped.)
> >
> > libshout may need two additional API methods: libshout_init and
> > libshout_shutdown.
> >
> > libshout itself currently has no use for these functions, but they
> > would be used to call the init and shutdown hooks in the net
> > library. When this library is built with thread support, it uses these
> > hooks to create and destroy a library-wide mutex.
> >
> > I'd prefer to avoid adding these two methods, but I can't think of a
> > good way to do it. Does anyone have any advice?
> There are two things here: resolver.c and sock.c
> The resolver is easy, we just use static initialisers for the mutex, rather 
> than initialising through the functions. The thread module doesn't expose any 
> static initialisers, but we could make it do so (or just take the hacky 
> approach of using the pthread initialisers directly).
> sock.c is harder. On unix, it doesn't need to do anything, so it's ok. On 
> windows, it calls WSAStartup() (and WSAShutdown() on shutdown). I assume 
> those are neccesary for some reason. I'm not sure what to do about those... 
> Ideas?

It's pretty easy to sneak an init in, it's the shutdown that I can't
figure out how to hide. This is true for the resolver as well as sock,
I think.
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