[icecast-dev] Icecast 2: planned stuff.

Pierre Amadio pierre.amadio at libertysurf.fr
Sun Jan 26 03:23:52 PST 2003

Hi there.

I had a look at how icecast 2 works after having been pleased by how
icecast 1 worked.

I succesfully made it work on a debian woody (for those interested at
how i did it http://melmoth.dyndns.org/stream/ It's in french yet).

I was however disapointed a bit by not finding the admin console I used
to find in icecast 1.

So, several questions: is this admin console planned to be included in
icecast 2 ? 

I did not find much information about what is planned to be done except
some TODO files. Could one of you tell me how to know what is planned 
to be coded and what is not ?

I used this admin console to feed information to a php class so creating
a web interface was easily done than by coding C

I would be please to have a way to code such a thing in icecast 2. I saw
there was some xsl template, but i feel coding web page in C is just a
nightmare (you may have guess i'm not a usual C coder).

Would it be possible to consider coding an api or a network access to
icecast only intended to give raw information about server status or to
send command to the server so developping wrapper in any kind of
language (perl/php/python whathever) would be possible ?

I had a look at connection.c and i guess such a thing would be possible
to do by sending raw xml server information rather than html and by
incuding a way to handle get or post variables (i still don't understand
a lot of this code so i may say stupid thing ;) ).

Documentation is still inexistant. I would be pleased to spend some of
my time contributing to it. How to apply ?

Have a nice day.

Pierre Amadio

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