k.j.wierenga@home.nl: "[icecast-dev] why is there a timeout in _accept_connection (icecast/src/connection.c)"

k.j.wierenga at home.nl k.j.wierenga at home.nl
Wed Feb 26 07:01:04 PST 2003

Sorry for replying in this way, I can send to the list ok, but I can't seem
to subscribe to the list. majordomo doesn't accept my email address as a
valid address (k.j.wierenga at home.nl

> This is primarily to allow clean shutdown to proceed normally. The CPU
load is 
> nominal - I doubt you'd be able to measure it. However, if you want to
> this timeout, it's safe - but if you increase it beyond a few seconds, 
> shutdown will take an excessively long time. This won't be changed in the 
> standard version of icecast (though if you can give a convincing reason
> increase it slightly, I might). 
> Mike 

Can you explain in a bit more detail why the shutdown would take so long?
There are other ways to get the code to break out of the select/poll system
call. A user defined signal springs to mind... Then select/poll would
return -1 and errno would be set to EINTR. You can then simply ignore this
error and go around the loop.


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