[icecast-dev] song boundaries

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Feb 25 00:56:23 PST 2003

> ah, sorry. what do you mean by the source program? streamer? what is
> external synchronization?

The source program is whatever provides the data stream - ices, for instance.
External syncronisation means performing whatever synchronisation you need to 
get the data you want in a seperate program - not within icecast (or ices).

> btw, where can i find the mp3 straming specs? that is, i would like to
> know the data format, metadata format and how they are sent together from
> a streaming program to a broadcast server such as icecast.

The mp3 data format is available from many places, including the actual mpeg 
standards documents.

The mp3 metadata format is a nasty hack originated by the shoutcast people - 
do a web search for "shoutcast metadata protocol", there are quite a few 
explanations of it.

Sending to icecast uses HTTP, with the SOURCE method (an icecast extension). 
Metadata in icecast can either be inline (using the same protocol as for the 
clients) (though this is rare - I don't know any source clients which support 
it) or asynchronously through HTTP GET requests to /admin/metadata on the 


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