[icecast-dev] song boundaries

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Mon Feb 24 15:55:51 PST 2003

On Tuesday 25 February 2003 10:31, Deva Seetharam wrote:
> hello all,
> in icecast2, how can i determine when one *MP3* song ends and the next one
> starts?
> i am involved in user preferences research and i am writing a statistics
> collecting software the tracks the songs that are being played, the number
> of people listening to particular songs, genre etc.
> i need to know how to hook into icecast2 so that i can collect these
> information. i am reading the icecast src code. but it is not clear where
> to look. could anyone pls. help?

Generally - you can't. You can do in-depth audio analysis to try and guess, 
but that's WAY outside the scope of icecast. 

If you've got metadata updates synchronised well to the actual stream (rare - 
but it's not uncommon to be close enough), you can hook into the metadata 
updates (see handle_metadata_request() in connection.c, and a bunch more 
stuff in format_mp3.c), and you might assume that those are equivalent to 
song endings.

You may be better off getting song info from the source program, and doing 
your own external synchronisation to icecast listener counts, etc.


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