[icecast-dev] icecast2 transcode?

David Rose doppler at homebrew.servebeer.com
Mon Feb 24 14:06:26 PST 2003

I've got a dilema. For months, I've been planning and implementing 
a large project involving vorbis, ices2, icecast2 and wifi networking.

The plan is to stream live audio from 10 Austin nightclubs during 
the SXSW music festival this March.

Well yesterday, it was made plain to me that I must also provide mp3 
streams, since "it's an mp3 world."

I'm upset about this because I cannot think of an easy or efficient 
way to provide both formats using my current setup, and going mp3-only 
really would deflate the newsworthiness of this project. (ok so I'm 

Any ideas as to how I can offer both Vorbis and mp3 streams with 
minimal reconfiguration of my existing setup will be greatly 

The setup:

At 10 night clubs:
10 old Mac G3s running Gentoo Linux, OpenSSH and Ices2 (from CVS).
10 Wifi access points / antennas.

At the 'net end of things:
1 access point / antenna connected to an Apple Xserve running Gentoo
Linux and Icecast2 (from CVS), as well as Apache, PHP, and OpenSSL.

David Rose
webmaster, sxsw.com

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