[icecast-dev] Source not found for client

Mike Wohlgemuth mjw at woogie.net
Thu Feb 20 06:27:39 PST 2003

I'm running icecast and ices that I got out of CVS last night.  I'm 
attempting to set up a live stream from /dev/dsp to /live.ogg.  I've 
basically tweaked the icecast.xml and ices-live.xml to do this.  Things 
seem to start up fine, and I get this in the icecast error log:

[2003-02-19  21:58:11] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source 
logging in at mountpoint "/live.ogg"

But, whenever I request /live.ogg, I get a 404 error and this in the 
icecast log:

[2003-02-19  21:58:54] DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Client connected
[2003-02-19  21:58:54] DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Source not 
found for client

I don't see any output from ices after the initial startup output, 
either in the ices.log (which never gets created) or on STDOUT or STDERR.

I've included the 2 config files, is there anything obvious that I'm 


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