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Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Feb 11 06:10:28 PST 2003

> Several questions have been asked and i'm sure icecast's developper may
> have good ideas about what is to be done.
> What's the average technical knowledge level of intended audience that
> shall be presume for such a document ?

Oops. Sorry for the late response - I missed this at first for some reason.

I think this should be aimed at a technical but not expert audience, for the 
most part. i.e. people who are competent with computers, and have some idea 
that the internet IS more than just the web, but don't know much about 
internet radio.

> As i would be pleased to have several translations of the document, i
> would like to have this document the most icecast specific as possible
> (less translation work :) ).
> Documentation format is now docbook, but a man compatible version would
> also be interesting to have. Anybody knows if docbook2pod is something
> easily done ?

I have a docbook-to-man installed on my system (never used it, though). Not 
sure about pod, but I don't see why you'd want it.

> How many document to create ? A proposed idea would be to have 3
> differents ones:
> - a general icecast presentation, sort of marketing like without
>   technical stuff targeted at non technician taking decision about what
>   software to use in their streaming project.

This sounds like a useful one that I hadn't thought of. 

> - a technical presentation targeted at administrator that have to
>   install icecast and developper that intend to customize it.
> - an exploitation document target at technician that have to use the
>   software in production.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'exploitation' here, and it's not entirely clear 
to me what should NOT go into a technical/admin doc that would be left over 
for a 3rd document. Can you clarify?

> I guess a good way of starting would be to agree on the number of
> document to create, the table of contents for each one. Then we would be
> able to divise work, share it amongst volounteer and once a correct
> english version would be available start translating in several language
> and man format.

Sounds pretty good.

> Any ideas, suggestions ?
> Have a nice day.
> Pierre Amadio


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