[icecast-dev] Icecast 2: planned stuff.

Pierre Amadio pierre.amadio at libertysurf.fr
Sun Feb 2 06:46:54 PST 2003

Hi there.

> > - syslog logging
> Not sure if that's really all that worthwhile. What's the reasoning behind 
> this one?

Nothing particular, i was just thinking it's cool to have a centralised
way of dealing with logs when i was writing the list of potential todo
stuff. Not a big deal if it's not done.

> > - having a nice graphical or web interface around this.
> This is something I'd like, but my HTML design skills are somewhat lacking (it 
> always comes out looking ugly :-)

I would preferabilly have a way to get information in raw xml and post
order with GET or POST rather than a hard coded web interface so
everybody could use those features and intergated it in any application they
would be developping. So it looks like that's the way you are already

> My plan doesn't really extend in any concrete way very far - but if we know 
> people are working on one feature, then we can stay away from that part of 
> the code until your bits are ready. 

I have forwarded your mail to our mailing list. As soon as we know
exactly how the student project is doing we will post news here.

> As for cvs - we're generally happy to give access to people who have shown an 
> ongoing interest in developing, and have submitted at least a few 
> high-quality patches. Again, however, if you want to have your own private 
> server, you'd have to provide it yourself - and we won't give cvs access to 
> people who have not proven their ability to contribute sufficiently good 
> code.

This sounds wise. 

> I think docbook would probably be the best approach to take with this. 
> However, if there's a compelling reason to use something else, that's 
> generally fine.

Ok. My personnal todo list now have on top of the heap: docbook rtfming

I will keep in touch as soon as i have read the doc, and wrote something
that start to be usefull.

Have a nice day.

Pierre Amadio
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