[icecast-dev] Icecast 2: planned stuff.

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Sat Feb 1 22:31:43 PST 2003

On Sunday 26 January 2003 22:23, Pierre Amadio wrote:
> Hi there.
> I had a look at how icecast 2 works after having been pleased by how
> icecast 1 worked.
> I succesfully made it work on a debian woody (for those interested at
> how i did it http://melmoth.dyndns.org/stream/ It's in french yet).
> I was however disapointed a bit by not finding the admin console I used
> to find in icecast 1.
> So, several questions: is this admin console planned to be included in
> icecast 2 ?

I've never seen the admin console. Probably not.

> I did not find much information about what is planned to be done except
> some TODO files. Could one of you tell me how to know what is planned
> to be coded and what is not ?
> I used this admin console to feed information to a php class so creating
> a web interface was easily done than by coding C
> (http://melmoth.dyndns.org/phpcast/).
> I would be please to have a way to code such a thing in icecast 2. I saw
> there was some xsl template, but i feel coding web page in C is just a
> nightmare (you may have guess i'm not a usual C coder).
> Would it be possible to consider coding an api or a network access to
> icecast only intended to give raw information about server status or to
> send command to the server so developping wrapper in any kind of
> language (perl/php/python whathever) would be possible ?
> I had a look at connection.c and i guess such a thing would be possible
> to do by sending raw xml server information rather than html and by
> incuding a way to handle get or post variables (i still don't understand
> a lot of this code so i may say stupid thing ;) ).

The only supported way of doing this is by fetching /admin/stats.xml (or 
/stats.xml on slightly older versions). This is structured in such a way that 
getting the relevent data out is easy. Also, the xsl templates (which are 
automatically applied to this xml data) can be used to create a web interface 
(with some limitations - but not too many). 

If there's any data that icecast2 has that isn't supplied through stats.xml, 
and that you have a need for, that could be added - let me know.

> Documentation is still inexistant. I would be pleased to spend some of
> my time contributing to it. How to apply ?

Documentation help would be very welcome - just send anything to me, or to the 
mailing list.


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