[icecast-dev] Missing headers in Icecast2

Macsym macsym69 at yahoo.fr
Fri Dec 5 17:43:36 PST 2003

Hi everybody,

Assorgia and me, we have worked on the Flash client for Icecast2. We got
successful results with:
-Windows (Netscape, Mozilla, CompuServe, or Opera) -Macintosh and
Linux(Netscape, Internet Explorer for Macintosh, Safari, AOL, Opera, or

For Windows (Internet Explorer or AOL) some headers sent by Icecast2 are
missing. These headers are sent by Icecast1 but NOT Icecast2 (it is the
reason why it always works with Icecast1). These necessary headers are:
-Cache-Control: no-cache
-Pragma: no-cache
-Connection: keep-alive
-Content-Length: 54000000

We SUCCESSFULLY imported a live stream into Flash on Windows/IE using a PHP
script that forwards these headers with the live stream to the Flash
animation. We used this PHP script only for testing purposes.

Now that we identified the exact problem, we would like to force Icecast2 to
send these headers to the client because it would avoid passing through the
PHP script (which is less reliable, slower the connection and uses more
CPU). It is why I am contacting the dev-list today.

Can anybody advise us the best solution to force Icecast2 to send these
headers to the browser? Should we build a patch or simply change some source
codes and compile the modified source?

Thank you very much in advance,


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