[icecast-dev] Ogg response headers

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Thu Dec 4 07:00:14 PST 2003

icecast doesn't look at the headers at all, they look only at the 
mountpoint...so in your case, it will look up /my_mp3 or /example.ogg and 
serve that stream.  Icecast WILL send a Content-type in the response 
headers to the client, but most media players don't actually determine 
stream types off the Content-type (I think the defunct winamp3 did), but 
rather by file extension..So in the case of winamp, it would assume that 
/my_mp3 was a MP3 stream (winamp figures that if there is no extenstion, 
then the stream MUST be mp3, since that is the only true stream.. :P )

the icy-metadata:1 is a client request header that tells icecast that if 
the requested mountpoint is an MP3 stream, then this request header is an 
indication to icecast that the client supports the 
"shoutcast-in-the-stream-metadata".  If icecast gets a request for an MP3 
stream, and doesn't see that in the request header, then it will NOT send 
out metadata for mp3 streams.  as far as I know, most mp3 streaming clients 
(winamp, foobar, xmms) do send this in the request header to icecast..

clear as mud ?

At 12:17 AM 12/4/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Ok i got a few questions
>when a client connects (winamp) what are the incoming headers icecast 
>looks for to signify what type(ogg or mp3) of stream the client is requesting?
>(for shoutcast winamp sends  icy-metadata:1)
>shoutcast server then recognizes its a player capable of streaming media 
>so it sends the icy-metaint:8192 to winamp, along with a slew of other icy 
>so here is my dilema
>example php code
>fwrite($sp,"GET /my_mp3 HTTP/1.0\nUser-Agent:Secret stuff 
>alpha\nicy-metadata:1\n\n");//works with winamp when requested via php script
>fwrite($sp,"GET /example.ogg HTTP/1.0\nUser-Agent:Secret stuff 
>alpha\n\n"); //will not work in winamp when requested via php script
>diff highlighted in blue.
>any ideas./help would be appreaciated.
>Dave St John
>Mediacast1 Administration

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