[icecast-dev] Patches - Was: Stream metadata settings

Melanie melanie at t-data.com
Mon Dec 1 07:14:02 PST 2003

Here I go again.

This is the second patch, it adds the ability to override some YP settings 
on the server.


If this is not set, we don't override the yp flag.


When this is set, the stream will be public or non public, according to 
it's content. This only works when yp-override is set. It allows to 
suppress yp reporting or to force it, or leave it under control of the 


This will overwrite the name given by the source with the name specified 

<yp-url><a href="http://www.radio.com/myradio.html</yp-url">http://www.radio.com/myradio.html</yp-url</a>>

This will force a specific URL to be listed with the YP server. Omit to let 
the source control this.


This will force a genre, as with all yp-* options, omit for the old 

<yp-desc>My Super Duper radio station</yp-desc>

Override and force the station comment.


This will override the URL given to the YP server for stream listening.
Now, before there is an outcry again, let me explain this one:

Assume you have a mountpoint. This mountpoint has a fallback. Now, your 
main mountpoint's source disconnects. It's YP information is removed. So, 
you're no longer listed.
Now, if the fallback is public, it would either always appear side by side 
with your main stream, but, even worse, if it's a no-mount, it would be 
useless. Nobody could listen to it, ever.
report-as solves this: If a fallback is set to report as the name of it's 
top-level stream, it will not register with YP unless it becomes active, 
becomes the highest level active stream in it's chain.
This will ensure that, even when there is a break in transmission or you're 
just playing your station jingle, your station will remain listed in YP, by 
the correct (primary) mount name.



This will keep your stream online, connectable and listed correctly 
whenever at least one of the streams has a source, building on the concept 
that a stream and it's fallback(s) are logically one station and should be 
seen as a single URL from the outside world.

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