[icecast-dev] Stream metadata settings

Melanie melanie at t-data.com
Mon Dec 1 00:28:55 PST 2003


On 2003.12.01 02:57 Michael Smith wrote:
> Please, send us patches. Your complex-fallbacks one is of most interest,
> and
> we'd definately love to see that separately from the others, but the we'd
> also like to see separate patches for the other features, so that we can
> review them on their own merits (and commit them if we think they're good
> enough :-)

I just checked out a fresh copy of Icecast CVS and I'm getting pretty 
discouraged when I see that not even the bugfix for the double free bug is 
in there yet.

diff -b -B -r -u -P --exclude-from=ignore ../icecast/src/source.c 
--- ../icecast/src/source.c     Fri Nov 14 17:51:59 2003
+++ ./src/source.c      Mon Dec  1 09:14:34 2003
@@ -139,7 +192,6 @@

-    free(source->fallback_mount);
      avl_tree_free(source->pending_tree, _free_client);
      avl_tree_free(source->client_tree, _free_client);

<p>This is the patch and without it, anything using fallbacks will fail 
miserably. It is the prerequisite for almost all other patches, because 
this bug is a showstopper. Unless and until this patch is applied, all the 
others are useless.

--- >8 ----
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