[icecast-dev] icecast with WinAmp as streamer.

Konstantinos Paganelis el96661 at mail.ntua.gr
Fri Nov 29 04:55:19 PST 2002

Saiful Azian <saiful at sapura.com.my> said:

> I used WinAmp as a streamer to Icecsat server. I received "stupid header"
error message whenever i try to connect Winamp streamer to the Icecast server.
I was lookin for the doc to explain thsi..none. Pls help.
Have you got shoutcast plugin installed?
If yes, then in the field that you declare the port where you want winamp to
connect to icecast server, you put a value less than the real port.For example
if icecasts listens on ports 8000 and 8001 (by default) then you declare that
you want to connect on port 7999 or 8000.In the password field you give the
password that is defined in the file icecast.conf at the source pass (or
something like that).
If you dont have the shoutcast plgin, get it here www.shoutcast.com (and go to
the d.j section i think)
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