[icecast-dev] icecast2/libshout2 and MP3 metadata

dt at xr7.org dt at xr7.org
Fri Nov 8 07:01:51 PST 2002

I was looking through the mailing list archives about the status of MP3
support in icecast2 and libshout and haven't seen anything on the
recently,  So I dove into the sources and see that things are a little 
farther along that last mentioned here.

icecast2 appears to be able to stream MP3 files just fine, albiet without 
metadata. libshout also appears to handle MP3 files.  Good.  I was able to 
make both of these work without too much trouble.

What I didn't find yet was Shout.pm for libshout2, so I made one.  I kept 
backward compatibility with Shout.pm 1.0 as much as possible, but of 
course the whole metadata business is just stubbed out.  Has this already 
been done and I just missed it?

Now to the real question: What is the plan to support MP3 metadata in the 
version 2 chain of code?  Just for kicks, I implemented adding static 
metadata to icecast2, and it's working well enough, but on a per-source 
basis, not per-client like it should.  This is good enough for my 

I'm just curious if there is any interest in including this, or what the 
long-term plan might be otherwise.


Dean Troyer
dt at xr7.org

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