[icecast-dev] [PATCH] Icecast2 - chroot, setuid/gid...

Ian Kumlien pomac at vapor.com
Mon May 6 03:21:35 PDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-05-06 at 11:11, Michael Smith wrote:
> At 02:03 AM 5/6/02 +0200, Ian Kumlien wrote:
> >Hi all again... 
> >
> >I did a chroot patch with ability to change uid and gid.
> >
> >I dunno if you all approve with the current implementation but the patch
> >is small and it works here.
> >
> >remember to CC, since i'm not on this ml...
> This looks useful.
> If you want it included, it'll at a minimum need to be factored out a bit
> more cleanly (like putting all the chroot/setuid/etc. stuff in a seperate
> function), and you'll need to make it optional for portability reasons 
> (along with autoconf stuff to define the right things if it is available).

Well i dunno how to do the autoconf things, if i knew that i would fix
it so that you could do a static compile easily aswell... =)

But otoh, function and ifdefs i can do... Anything else i sould have in
> If you do that, then I think we'd be pretty happy to add it.

I hope so =)

//Ian Kumlien

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