[icecast-dev] ices: forcing an immediate reread of the playlist

Brant Chamberlain brantc at neogenesis.com
Tue Mar 19 09:32:04 PST 2002

Hi all,

        I'm currently trying to set up ices2 with icecast2 along with otto, a 
jukebox interface written in perl. Otto allows the user to kill a song via 
the web interface, which in turn kills all running instances of ices, 
rewrites the playlist and launches ices. This has the bad side effect of 
terminating the client's connection to icecast and leaving a bunch of ices 
dangling . I'd like to be able to have otto spawn a single instance of ices 
at startup, and then signal ices when the user has selected the next song.

        As far as I can tell im_playlist doesn't check for pl->nexttrack until it 
is at the end of the file. What would be the best way to force this tight 
loop to immediately reread it's playlist? I see two options

1. Write some extra code to check for a nexttrack == 1 inside the while(1) 
2. Force pl->current_file to the end of the stream

The only reason I hesitate on 2 is that I'm wondering what side effects 
forcing a "zip" to the end of the file would have on the ogg state.

Any insight or pointers would be of great help.

Brant Chamberlain

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