[icecast-dev] Why doesn't yp.icecast.org show my stream?

Dave Hayes dave at jetcafe.org
Tue Feb 19 15:07:01 PST 2002

Jack Moffitt <jack at xiph.org> writes:
> Now I see the problem.  This will not cause anything to show up. You
> have no sources.


-> sources
Listing sources
[Id: 509] [Sock: 14] [Time of connect: 18/Feb/2002:20:55:14] [IP:] [State: 1] [Type: pulling relay] [Proto: x-audiocast] 
[Clients: 2] [Dumpfile/fd: (null)/-1] [Priority: 0] [Song Title: ] [Song URL: 
http://music.jetcafe.org:8000] [Stream Message: (null)] [Song Length: -1 
bytes] [Stream Name: KJetCafe] [Stream Genre: jazz funk fusion soul RnB] 
[Stream Bitrate: 56] [Stream URL: http://www.jetcafe.org/kjetcafe] 
[Mountpoint: raid.jetcafe.org:8000/] [Description: An ecclectic blend of Funk 
Fusion Jazz Soul and RnB] [MBytes read: 435] [MBytes written: 834] [Client 
connections: 110] [Connected for: 18 hours, 6 minutes and 4 seconds]

I most certainly do have sources. =) How do I tell the directory
server that?
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