[icecast-dev] Why doesn't yp.icecast.org show my stream?

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Tue Feb 19 14:26:56 PST 2002

> Heh. Is it possible to see a copy of what is actually running?  I'm
> probing the directory server with a quick script but I'm getting
>   400 URL must be absolute
> which I should figure out soon.

What are you trying to do that you get that error?

> >> [14/Feb/2002:01:39:22] directory_touch_xa([yp.icecast.org:80]) 
> >> completed...server id = 69
> I just did a touch, then counted to 5, and updated the HTML page
> showing all the stations. I'm not there. =)

id=69 is the normal success code.  You'd get -1 if it failed I think.
What's your ip address?  I'll go check the logs.

Other people are being added fine, since they all got relisted after i
purged the database.  So I'm guessing I'm not escaping something
correctly that is in your variables, or the fields are too short, or


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