[icecast-dev] Icecast2?

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Feb 18 19:10:37 PST 2002

> Just in case, I copy the mail and attach the patch.
> I am working in my second version (not included in the patch), I would like 
> to hear some comments:
> - prebuffering parameter (used in previous patch) in now configurable in 
> <limits>...<prebuffer>seconds</prebuffer>...
> - instead of disconnecting when the client-queue > 25, I discard packages 
> wich are older than prebuffer*2. All clients I tried have recovered very 
> well, even with a ping -f running behind.

These are quite big changes, and warrant some discussion.

I was planning to keep a prebuffer internal and spit it out as fast as
possible, so this will probably get incorporated.

As for the other parts, I do not understand why we shouldn't kick
clients who fall 25 packets behind.  That is more than 100k usually, and
surely you don't think we should buffer them forever.

<p>Also, I have not seen any problems with disconnections because of
nonblcoking socket failures.  They are determined to be recoverable
(EAGAIN, etc) or not recoverable.  on recoverable errors we just resend.
On non recoverable errors we can do nothing but remove the client.

I have not yet looked at the patch, so maybe it's correct, but from your
description I am doubtful.


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