[icecast-dev] Some diffs to libshout for MacOSX

SKoT McDonald skot at tomandandy.com
Mon Feb 4 05:32:15 PST 2002

Resubmission of patches with curteous nods from the MusicKit Project...

- SKoT

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Subject: [icecast-dev] Some diffs to libshout for MacOSX

<p>> Hi,
> I'm part of a project developing the open source SndKit and MusicKit,
> are ObjC frameworks originally from NeXTSTEP, but now on MacOSX and
> We use libshout.a in part of the SndKit to enable us to schedule and
> audio to get sent to shoutcast/icecast servers - pretty cool.
> Anyway, when compiling libshout on MacOSX it fails because it does not
> sys/poll.h, but uses select() instead of poll().
> I have therefore made some changes/additions to libshout/configure.in to
> autodetect the presence of sys/poll.h. In sock.c, I use #ifdef statements
> then use the select() or poll() behaviour depending on the presence of the
> sys/poll.h header.
> I have attached 2 diff files: one for configure.in, and one for sock.c.
> I hope that these meet with your approval -- and if so, could you please
> them into your CVS ASAP, because we are now starting to rely on libshout.a
> for all our developers/users, and it's a pain to compile on MacOSX without
> these changes.
> ps I got hold of libshout via the ices 0.2.2 source package. Is libshout
> going to remain as a part of that package?
> Cheers,
> Stephen Brandon
> stephen at brandonitconsulting.co.uk

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