[icecast-dev] Possible candidate for security patches

Dave Hayes dave at jetcafe.org
Wed Apr 10 01:28:30 PDT 2002

Well, I've been down since the announcement(s) on bugtraq, and nothing
has been forthcoming so...I've decided to do just a bare bones
security audit of icecast 1.3.11. All I've really done is replace all
the sprintf() and strcpy() I could find with bounds checking
snprintf() and strncpy(). I've been kind of anal, please forgive
me. ;)

There is still a problem (I believe) with splitc() in ice_string.c
in that you can't check the bounds of first easily when you do
the strcpy() there. 

I've compiled this and am currently running it for the internal
distribution icecast at my site. (I need to get this to compile under
FreeBSD 3.X to get back on the icecast list, and that's problematic.)

Patches are attached. Please review and consider for inclusion in
the 1.3.11 distribution. Thanks. 
Dave Hayes - Consultant - Altadena CA, USA - dave at jetcafe.org 
>>> The opinions expressed above are entirely my own <<<

"We should never live in a world where dreams are rarer than
                                           -Mathhew Brodrick

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