[icecast-dev] cvs changes

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Sun Oct 21 17:48:14 PDT 2001

On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, Jack Moffitt wrote:

> ices should not respect the various CFLAGS settings.  You should be good
> to go.

Well, I went to bed after my last attempt and decided to attack it again
this morning.  I did a CVS update and saw some changes.  Now it's bombing
in ./configure.  Shout is not being found.  The command I used was:

./configure --with-shout-prefix=/usr2/friends/geoff

According to configure.log, this is the command that failed:

configure:2438: gcc -o conftest -O20 -ffast-math -fsigned-char -d_REENTRANT
-D_GNU_SOURCE -I/usr2/friends/geoff/include -I/include -I/include
conftest.c -L/usr2/friends/geoff/lib -lshout -L/lib -logg -L/lib -lvorbis
-lm 1>&5

This all looks pretty complete.  Do I still need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH?
Again, the -L flag would seem to be sufficient, and it used to work.

I had a look for conftest.c but failed to find it.  I doubt this is to
blame though as it's used in numerous other tests.

I also think I might be linking against pre RC2 ogg and vorbis libs, but I
won't be able to verify that until the sys admin gets home.


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