[[icecast-dev] icecast 1.3.11 win32 version ...]

Li-Kai Liu news at likai.net
Thu Oct 11 21:41:11 PDT 2001

sorry folks, i should have done this properly the first time i post my 
changes. the attachment contains a gzipped version of unified recursive 
diff ... this diff is made between a fresh cvs copy of icecast 1.3.11 
and the source branch of icecast 1.3.11-mingw that i have. some things 
are missing, but don't worry about that. i'm not going to explain why 
individual files present in one branch but not another because it 
doesn't matter much. for configure-related stuff, you should be able to 
find appropriate files from within your own autoconf/automake 
distribution. if a file is reported missing from my branch, then that 
means it doesn't hurt to have the file, but i never needed it.


likai liu

Simon Thompson wrote:

>>From: Li-Kai Liu [mailto:news at likai.net]
>>Sent: 10 October 2001 21:32
>>To: Simon Thompson
>>Subject: Re: [[icecast-dev] icecast 1.3.11 win32 version ...]
>>which part of the win32 icecast are you interested in? the 
>>source code or the precompiled binary? notice that the source is not 
>>compiled using MSVC build system. I used gnu tools ported to 
>>cygwin to 
>>do the compilation, but the result is cygwin-free. you do not need 
>>cygwin to run the precompiled binary.
>Sorry I probably should have been more specific. I am interested in the
>cygwin-mingw changes you made to the source code. I hadn't realised that you
>had posted the patch to the mailing list. Is there any chance you could send
>me a unified diff ( diff -u ) of your changes? I just find it a little
>easier and more convenient to read.

<LI>application/x-gzip attachment: icecast-1.3.11-cygwin.patch.gz
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