[icecast-dev] IceS and perl - patch

learr at home.com learr at home.com
Sat Mar 24 08:54:43 PST 2001

I use the Jukebox program 'otto' (which is really good...), but have
been experiencing bugs with 'shout' streaming to IceCast. Thus, I
decided to use IceS (yesterday). Otto relies on playing one song at
a time (i.e. no playlist), and the streaming program
(shout/ices/whatever) to exit after playing it just once. Although
the otto author has proviceded a patch which stops IceS from
looping, I thought it would be neater to do it using an ices.pm
method. I found that the ices.pm is never passed the playlist file
(unless I am horribly mistaken). This is a significant bug in the
perl functionality. Below is a diff (at least a potential diff)
which corrects this.

Essentially I added the option to send the playlist argument to the
perl code.

Any takers?


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