[icecast-dev] bug report w.r.t. streaming of metadata in icecast

Richard Fromm rfromm at inktomi.com
Thu Aug 9 18:08:42 PDT 2001

On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Richard Fromm wrote:

> to clarify, the behavior that i saw was that most of the time the title
> streaming appeared in the client, but sometimes it did not.

i think i've nailed this down.  the problem is if the icecast server
starts in the middle of a song already being sourced to it.  (which you
can get by starting icecast, start ices, then shutdown and restart icecast
and ices won't complain if a small amount of time passes)

now add_chunk keeps adding metadata of the form StreamTitle=''

if you connect with a client, you don't get the title of the song

this fixes itself when ices moves on to the next song.

one related question -- is there any easy way to find where the metadata
gets inserted into the stream, or do i basically have to continually parse
the stream if i want to extract that info?  i'm seeing chunks of 4096
bytes, and the metadata gets added at the end of some chunk.  but this
doesn't necessarily correspond to a boundary between mp3 frames.  given an
mp3 stream, once i found a frame boundary it's easy to keep finding those
boundaries.  but i don't know how to arbitrarily find icecast chunk
boundaries if there's no delineating information.

- rich

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