[foms] FOMS @ FOSDEM

Michael Dale mdale at wikimedia.org
Thu Oct 2 12:08:54 PDT 2014

Hi All,

We have been accepted to run a Open Media dev-room at FOSDEM: 

I have updated the landing page for FOMS workshop 2015 with some info: 

Please register your interest in attending: edit password is: fomsRocks

Feel free to forward this info to interested parties. 

See tentative format for FOMS workshop here : 

We will use the FOSDEM tool for organizing dev room presentations in the second day. Please keep an eye out for a call for participation. I will update the FOMS page with a link to the RFP as well.  

Ping me off list if you would like to be part of the presentation review cabal. 

Per David Glaude guidance, We will probably work with http://www.mundo-b.org/ for space for the workshop.

Syncing up with Silvia off list, we will probably use the same non-profit as last year as financial vehicle for sponsorships / venue. 

Also ping me if you would like to be a sponsor, and get your companies logo up on the prestigious foms-workshop home page ;)

The structure will probably be similar to last year, an optional fee for professional attendees, which is waived if your organization is sponsoring in some way, this funding is just to cover the venue, and dinner, and maybe travel / logging for some attendees where resources allow. We will have a way to register sponsorship requests shortly as well.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone that can make it to the FOMS @ FOSDEM workshop in Brussels in January ! 


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