[foms] Proposal: adaptive streaming using open codecs

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Mon Nov 22 20:37:52 PST 2010

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 6:56 AM, Pierre-Yves KEREMBELLEC <
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> That said, I think the best compromise would be for browsers to accept both
> interleaved and elementary streams: when there's only one
> video track and one audio track (which probably covers 99% of the video
> content out there), it makes sense not to add complexity for
> publishers and ask them to demux their videos (some probably don't know
> exactly what video internals are about anyway).
> [Steve]
> Having to support 2 ways of doing the same thing (and from the
> same standard) is not a good thing. And even though you have 1 audio track
> and 1 video track, we're talking about adaptative streaming. That means
> multiple versions of these same tracks cut in many small chuncks.
> So the fact that the chuncks are for 1 track or many doesn't make too much
> difference in the end. Also we're talking about something to support
> the web in general, in an open way. That means people should be able to
> create their stream, put them on *any* website and it will work. So
> those chuncks, in general, have to be in different files. (unlike the
> specialized server you talked about earlier which is a local (and good)
> optimisation).
> My understanding was that the demuxing job was already performed in most
> media framework anyway, i.e. the container was stripped out and
> A/V samples were extracted and passed separately to the relevant decoder.
> What I'm proposing is just this: accepting a stream with audio and
> video muxed, or accepting 2 separate streams (one audio and one video). For
> instance :
> - WebM + VP8 + Vorbis
> - WebM + VP8 only
> - WebM + Vorbis only
I agree. Having this be an or is the best way to go.

> In any case, each stream is playable independently as indicated earlier. On
> top of that, we may split a stream in several chunks (physically or not),
> but that's an additional layer.
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