[Flac] Flac in Sox

TJF tjfoerster at web.de
Mon Jun 21 09:44:44 PDT 2010


I didn't get any answer for my problem at sox mailing list. May be 
someone on this list has an idea...?

I want to compile libsox.lib with Flac-handler. So I first compiled 
"libFLAC_static.lib" without problems. Then I changed "CMakeLists.txt":

I added this line:
and now Have_Flac is found.

But there is still a problem with this line:
optional(HAVE_FLAC FLAC/all.h FLAC FLAC__stream_encoder_new flac)
because "FLAC__stream_encoder_new" is not found (cmake)!

Should this be in an other library or...?

Thanks a lot!

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